Thursday, August 4, 2011

In My Head Living.

We visited a family member on Sunday just gone and she is living the life that I want wanted too a few years back.   Now it is just a wishful thinking thought that pops into my head now and then.
This person will be frugal, green, natural...more so than anyone else I know or *read*   It will be a major challenge.
There is no Internet or mobile phone coverage.  There are neighbours, close enough if help is needed but far enough away for the hermit living that these people aspire to.
I will visit whenever I need reminding that I am too old for all that now!

She has jars with all her beans and things in.
And more jars with more stuff...
Lemon Vinegar for cleaning.
Homemade Olive Oil soap.
Outside she has an old orchard that will go a long way to feeding her...if she can keep the kangaroos away.
She is planting vegetables.  Will not have a fridge.   Minimal furniture.  Does have a wood fire in the lounge-room for warmth.
She has the most gorgeous dog that I love and want...but he will allow no-one near her, not even us, unless she says so.   I have wondered what will happen if she dies as I don't think he will let anyone get near her to help....Maybe her husband will be able to...

Some of the trees around the place are sooo old...We think this is a fig.  Walking back up from the back paddock this was one of the coolest looking trees that I have seen in a long time.

It is covered in Lichen.

There is a huge tree there that we think may be a Chestnut...Can anyone tell us please.

It is hard for us to tell what tree is what as most don't have any leaves.

I will be definitely be visiting during Loquat season as there are 3 trees on this property.

I honestly don't think that I will ever be as green or natural or frugal as I think I want to be but by knowing people that will be doing it I think I will learn a lot.


  1. Haha he's not that bad.

  2. Those are nice aspirations. You can tell trees by the bark and the shape of the tree. There was a time when I knew them all. A good book helps in the identification.

  3. I love your post. What an interesting couple, and their trees must be so old. Wonder if the fig still bears fruit?

  4. Just loving the look of all those jars....have just started saving my glass jars as have been having an issue with pantry moths and really want to get everything stored properly and get back into making everything from scratch

  5. The jars do look good. This women is a total hippy. She has started a blog but due to no internet the updates are going to be few and far between.