Monday, August 15, 2011

Stormy Weather and Bloody Cows.

We still have our 2 cows and the black cow's baby and last week the cow from next door was also still here.

A few days ago, Monday, the cow from next door was up near the gate and I was talking to her.  I was out all Tuesday...Thursday I was out the back weeding when I noticed the cow from next door, she was in our paddock, lying down and I thought she was dead.  Unfortunately she wasn't.   A call to the vet, a call to her owner, a visit from the vet...Betty and her calf are now in cow heaven.

Last September  our black cow had a calf.  We didn't know then and we didn't know now.
But the new baby is so cute!!

Only last week we were talking about separating the black and white calf as the mother was looking skinny.

It is a horrible wet and windy day here today, I want to bring the baby in out of the weather but this black mother doesn't like people much and though she let us pat the calf and she licked my hand I don't think she'll let us try and move it.  Later on we'll put some hay out closer to the back gate and try and get them in where it is a bit more sheltered.

So now we ask the same question we asked last year...Is the brown cow pregnant?  Or just fat like last time?


  1. Oh, I read the other post. She had a calf. How nice. You must not hang around the cows much not to have sort of noticed.

  2. The cow that died was the neighbours cow but was in our paddock. The calf was placed wrong and was stuck but nobody noticed until I saw her on the Thursday, The cow was just worn out I think and the vet said that the calf had been dead for a couple of days. He tried to save the cow but it died soon after he left here.


  3. Oh, I was right the first time. Too bad.