Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enclosing the Front Verandah.

We are rethinking the well or more precise the pump for the well.  While Hubby is nutting out what to do about it I have talked him into starting on the front verandah.  We have talked about enclosing this for the last few years, I keep changing my mind but I finally rang the shire to see what we were allowed to do so we could come up with a plan. 
It was raining, Hubby was home so we made a quick trip over to Bunnings to buy some stuff and we started on it yesterday.

We are enclosing the North end of the verandah with walls with windows in them so we get a bit of protection from the weather.  During Winter the sun can come through the glass and it will be a warm spot to have coffee and read. 
He built the wall yesterday and today we will put it in.

Jobs for this weekend.
Put in front wall. DONE.  
Put in window.   DONE
Cladding on bottom of wall.   DONE
Decide on cladding.for the top half. DONE.
Finish repairing holes in the house wall.

He decided to clad the wall in fibro sheeting so a quick trip to the hardware, a couple of hours work and it's done.

Over the next week I need to:. Wash floor.
Wash house wall   DONE.
Wash house window.  DONE.
Paint floor.
Paint roof/ceiling.
I need to find a quicker way of painting the roof as the brush I started with is taking too long and putting too much strain on my poor weak body.

Of course there is lots of smaller stuff but these are the main things that I need to get done.

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  1. enclosing a veranda....I'm trying to work out what to do with my horrid space.....I want to do something but don't even know where to start or really what I want to's what everyone sees as they drive past our place or come to our's horrid.....will need to give this one some real thought