Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Comment.

I have been reading a few blogs over the last week or so and wanting to leave a comment on a couple but Blogger wont let me.  It is annoying.

I was reading  and really wanted to wish her the best luck but can't. 

The question on boobs or travel from   Nah, no comment from me allowed so she doesn't get to read my wisdom. 

There have been others.  Many others. 

I'm sure it will fix inself in time but it annoys me. 

Coffee and *get a life* time.


  1. Someone else was complaining about that. I forgot the fix. If I can find it, I will tell you. How is the calf?

  2. Do you run Google Chrome as your browser Barb, if not give it a try.

    Quite a few complaining about this same problem...

  3. This is one of the reasons I barely post on my blogger blog anymore. The problems with comments infuriate me. Using Google Chrome helped, but didn't completely eliminate the problem.

    Would still love to hear your wisdom. :)

  4. *chuckle* sadly seems we're all in the same boat here!!