Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August, We Bought...

I bought carrots this month.  A 5kg bag for $1.99.  I like carrots with my salads but as I cannot grow them and I was over at Spud Shed getting stuff for the daughter and I saw these...They are quite nice too, small and sweet.
No other vegetables were bought during August.

I did buy some bananas while I was there but no other fruit. 
We are still getting Oranges so they were our fruit of choice this month.  Those and the Passionfruit and we had a few Indian Guava ready to eat as well.

We are getting plenty of eggs and once again the son has brought out a few feeds of meat.  He is a butcher at the local supermarket and sometimes brings out stuff that is too near to its use by date to sell.
This month we scored some lamb chops, a pork roast, sausages and 2 lots of mince. 
He used to take it home and feed it to his dogs but a quick clip under his ear soon stopped that! 
We do buy some meat, I usually get some liver and  twin packs of chicken when we don't have any roosters.  Sausages if they are on special.  I would like to not have to buy any meat and some months I don't but I need the Liver for Iron and we like chicken...
I'm happy with the tiny amount of food that we need to buy but will keep trying to grow all of what we eat.

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  1. You do really well on the food front. Getting free meat is a boon. If each month you could eat just a bit less than you get free, soon you would have a stockpile. It might be small, but it would supplement you in a month you got less free. I like chicken, too. Iron is in the egg yolks and other meats, plus green, leafy vegetables.When you eat vitamin C rich foods, your body is better able to absorb iron. So, you are in luck with the oranges. Okay, I will get off my horse named I am rooting for the day you need not buy food at all.