Monday, August 22, 2011

Under Water.

It rained last night, most of the night I think.  I knew it was wet outside this morning when the trough in the bathroom gurgled at me.  Not a cute little baby gurgle but a *everything is under water and the septic and leachdrain is full* gurgle.  Went out to let the chooks out and yep!  Had to walk through the gulf of Barbs Backyard to get there.

The wishing well hole is overflowing, the duckpond sump hole is overflowing, the driveway is under water as it everywhere else.  And it's still raining!

Luckily Hubby is home today so he may be able to get the bigger pump going and get some of it diverted  out into the old irrigation drain out the back

We have already pumped away more water than some people use all year and it was bothering me that we weren't keeping the water on our land but I am thinking differently this morning.  I want it all pumped away and I want it all pumped away NOW!!

I m not sure if that will even be possible but if we don't get rid of some of it I don't fancy the chances of  me getting my car out tomorrow.  And toilet flushing will be a no goer...showering tonight...nowhere for that water to go either...Bugger!  No point in doing all of yesterdays dishes now,  Hmmm, maybe there is some good to it all

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  1. That is a lot of rain. Are you walking or are the animals in the overflow from the septic tank? I would bathe somehow and then throw the water out the door. Of course, I like a tub bath. Dishes? They can Are the plants going to drown? Too bad you don't have tanks to save all this water. I am going to keep an eye on your weather if I can remember whereabouts, sort of, that you live.