Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mornin' All.

Good morning People.  It is 4.30 AM here in WesternAustralia.  I am awake, tired but  hurting too much to sleep so I  decided to get up and have a coffee, maybe try again in a couple of hours if I want to.  It's dark, there is a bird chortling away out the front, the fire is going so it is nice and warm inside...

Hubby is still asleep so there is nothing for me to do except spend some time mucking around on here.

Really Really Free Markets are on this afternoon, I have more painting to do on the front verandah, chooks shed needs cleaning out...More seeds to be planted.  Heaps to do today but I have doubts that much will be done... I hurt too much, been having a lousy week with pain and have resorted to taking tablets!  They help but I hate having to take them. 

Off to see who Blogger will let me talk to.

Hope you all have a nice day.


  1. I went to some place on Blogger and was told I was not following anyone and all my blogs I follow were deleted on my home page. I felt set adrift. I walked away feeling very sad. I came back and all was restored. ???

    Did I miss something? Is this chronic pain or did you hurt yourself.

    My brain is not functioning due to the sinus infection that is hanging on and the fever.

  2. Good morning Barb, Did you fix your blogger problems? I had the same trouble for quite a while but I can't remember how I fixed it! I think it had something to do with emptying the cache.
    Hope your pain subsides soon but remember that those jobs can need to mend first!

  3. Trouble commenting here!!

    The pain is the Fibromyalgia playing up, it should settle down in a couple of days but in the mean time it is a real bother. It's usually manageable/bearable but I got COLD last week, it was "in me bones cold" and I think that set something off.

    I think Blogger hates me!


  4. Ah, I thought I remembered that you had fibromyalgia, but my brain was fuzzy with the fever. if you look at my blog and try to scroll down, you only have to pull the little scroller thing down a quarter of an inch until you get to a mile of pink space. THEN, way down where the scroll bar is at the bottom, there is more of my blog. Blogger does not respond, not does anyone else who answers questions, like other bloggers. If I have to pay $100 to take this to someone to fix, I will be steamed!

    I have fibromyalgia, too, but cold does not seem to affect me. The heat is wiping me out, energy-wise.

    Good luck with pain and blogger.