Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is Brown Cow Pregnant?

This is our second cow.  She was in the paddock last September when a bull got to our black cow and was in the paddock around 9 months ago when a bull got in and got to the black cow again and to the neighbours cow,  I supose if there is no calf from her within the next week or so she won't be having one again.
She is a big cow, bigger than the black one but younger.  Another wait and see thing.

If the new calf survives we will have 4 cows, if the brown cow becomes a mum there will be 5 out there.  Too many.  But we can't keep the bulls out so there is not much we can do about it.  We need a couple of cows to keep the grass down and we do eat them so doing one next winter will get the numbers down a bit.
It is just a worry sometimes.  Like the neighbours cow...She died because her calf got stuck.  Really she should not have even been pregnant.  I complain about our cows but really it is the back neighbours bulls that need to be complained about.  And we have...He doesn't care much though.

And I don't complain when I am eating the cows so I supose I can't have it both ways.  HoHum...


  1. Can't you feel the calf? Or feel the lack of one? Does she have sympathetic pregnancies? lol All that beef out back should be a comfort not a problem. I wonder that the bull man does not want his share. I feel like your husband does, only about dogs. They can survive freezing weather and don't have to be brought inside. Our dogs really preferred to sleep on the dog house in snow and freezing weather than inside the dog house. Of course, they would have loved to be house dogs for a bit. I would worry a bit about the baby calf and falling in water. Nice pictures.

  2. Brown cow looks nice and contented and chunky on the sides. That's how I used to tell with mine :D)