Saturday, October 30, 2010

'Tis The Season...

For snakes.  I saw my first tiger snake a few weeks ago, dead on the road just up from our place.
This morning I went into the Mixed Breed chooks yard and saw a massive great big ??  I thought it was a Dugite but Hubby says it could have been a Tiger.  It was big and dark and moved fast.  I have no idea if it is still in that pen somewhere or if it managed to get out into the paddock.

This afternoon Hubby saw a biggish one over the other side of the yard and it went into the orchard when it saw him.  I saw it and it wasn't nearly as big as the one that I saw and not as thick or dark in coulour.  He tried to tell me it was the same one but I know it wasn't.  His was a Dugite, around 5foot long. pale in colour.
This one ended up over the road in the bush there but *my* one is still unaccounted for.

I am keeping the grass around the house mowed and tidy and most messy areas are being cleared so we will be able to see any snakes that are in the yard but I don't know if this is good or not.  I worry more when I see them.  I know that they are probably out there anyway but seeing them makes it *real* and I tend to not do things for a few days afterward because its out there waiting for me.

I have chickens due to hatch in the MB pen this weekend.  I hope that snake is gone and not waiting around for a special lunch. 

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  1. Hi Barb yes it is the season, We have had lots of bob tails around nearly steped on a few right outside the kichen door. They still give me the heebee jeebees ! I always think snake initially I nearly put my hand on ones head the other day while weeding bob tail that is. It could have been a snake. One of the joys when you live in the bush ! cheers