Friday, October 1, 2010

P.S.E.D. Challenge. 26th to 30th Sept.

Day 26.****  Hmmm. I was home and outside but nothing...Mustn't let that happen again.
       27. Beetroot, seeds. Driveway drums.
             Giant Garlic?  From L.
             Pumpkin seeds, Kent.
       28. ****  Home again, not sure what I was doing.   Not planting though!
       29. ****
       30. ****
September is finished and I managed to get 39 things planted.  More than if I hadn't of set myself the challenge to plant something every day and even though I didn't plant something *every* day I planted more things than the amount of days.  So challenge accepted and accomplished.  Go me!!
Didn't get to the 50 but you get that.

Did you all get stuff planted too?  Leave a comment and let me know what you have planted.
Why not join me in the same challenge for October?


  1. Yesterday I put in some cuttings/rootings that were given to me by a friend. Rosemary, lemon thyme and sage. Hoping to get some more dug then can put in chives, mint, tarragon and a few other things

  2. Hi Barb yes october will be my best month for planting DP is still out there working on the vegetable gardens from the old water tank . My corns are sprouting which is great! looking forward to fresh corn . been transplanting some aloe-vera and some lemon balm yesterday !Barb can you tell me where I can buy some chickens for our chicken coup I want to get a few baby chicks as my son would just love that 6-8 in total I think ! was things about Isa browns !

  3. Katrina, glad to hear you are planting stuff, keep it up, it's great fun.

    Sherrie, We bought our HyLines at the end of their first season from Choppers Choice, Coolup in June. I have decided to sell them off as I am getting Australorps next year. Places seem to sell them off over winter to make room for the point of lays. Sadly after 1 season they are sent to the processors or backyard buyers. We have some spare...smiles. Don't know about Isa chickens though. A place in Baldivis rings a bell...

    I have a clucky sitting on Mixed Breed eggs, bloody thing wouldn't take the AussieRock eggs though.