Monday, October 25, 2010

Strawberries and Pepinos.

I was wandering around the yard this morning and couldn't help noticing all the Strawberries that needed picking. So I picked them.

Went round the front and saw that there were Pepino that were ripe as well.  So I picked them too.
I ended up with just over 400gm of Strawberries and 3 Pepino.  There will be heaps more Strawberries ready in a couple of days time.  All the bushes have really started producing since I fertilised and mulched them all a few weeks back.

Back inside I added some manky apples, a couple of old bananas, a few passionfruit and what do ya know...Enough yummy fruitsalad to last the week.

                                                                     I love my garden.

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