Sunday, October 17, 2010

Really Really Free Markets. Waroona.

                                  We went down to the park yesterday for a look at these markets.
                        I took a blanket and a couple of boxes of stuff to add to the array that was there.

This is the first of it's kind in our small town but I read that they plan on having one most months.  The next one is on the third Saturday of November so if you are not doing anything, bring some stuff and a picnic to munch on and see how it goes. One lady made some choc chip bickies and some muffins and had them on offer to everyone there.  So yummy, you couldn't tell that they were vegan at all!!  It was a nice day out and it got me off the computer for a couple of hours as it was too hot for me to be out working in the gardens.

It wasn't overly busy, maybe 7 or 8 rugs with stuff on them in the area.  Someone had set up an area with playdoh, colouring and beading for the kids to do.  That was cool.

There were a lot of books and magazines.  I took some of these.  One couple took down some furniture and it was fun watching someone try and put a small computer desk into their sedan.  There was baby stuff, clothes, *knick knacks*  Anything you'd find at a garage sale but it was all free.
One couple brought along some fruit and eggs.  The apples were really yum.  Plants.  Just remembered I was going to grab an Oregano plant, hope they are there next time.

                                            I hope to be at the next one so might see you there.

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  1. Hi Barb, did you get anything from the free markets ? What types of stuff did people take?
    May check the next one out and meet up with you at the same time on the 20th Of November ! I might circle that date on my calander.