Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had the 3year old grandaughter out here for a bit this morning so I roped her into helping me with some Passionfruit.

They are falling from the vines and like everything else there is only
so much you can eat so preserving them somehow is important. 
We have 2 vines growing great and producing well and 2
others that are not doing too good at all.  This vine gives
us the most but is the oldest and will probably cark it
within the next year or so so we do need to keep them all.

 I have made cordial but as we don't drink a lot of that stuff I am freezing this lot for when I figure out what to do with them.  I could make passionfruit spread but again, we don't eat it so no point.

We ended up with 5 cups of pulp to freeze but then GD went out and picked up the ones from this morning and we have another 18.  Some of these will be eaten over the next few days, I am going to make up a fruitsalad this afternoon so a few will be added to that...But by the end of the week after collecting the ones that have fallen from the vine between now and then I will need to freeze some more.

Not sure why I want to plant another vine...


  1. Hi Barb why don't you freeze some in ice cube trays then use them to make passionfruit icing on cakes and biscuits.
    So now on my list is choko's, lemons and passionfruit thanks Barb :)lol
    Why don't you sell them, put a sign out the front !

  2. Hi. I already have a big bag of iceblocks. We don't eat a lot of sweet stuff so I do find it hard coming up with ways to use things.
    I use the cordial to make icypoles. Hubby eats a lot that way.

  3. I used to freeze the passionfruit whole and eat one as a treat on a hot day

  4. Also would be good to pop a few into a glass of water on a hot day, more thirst quenching then cordial with sugar !
    Ketrina's idea sounds good too :)