Sunday, October 10, 2010

BEEing Busy. 2.

Hubby left the water trailer here this morning so he wouldn't have to tow it all the way up to Lancelin and back.  He has just left after picking it up, on his way down to Nannup.

There is a spotlight on the back of the truck that comes on when reversing.  I was standing alongside of the truck as Hubby was out and connecting the trailer.  I see him swat at himself a couple of times, hear him swear, he tells me to move back, he swats some more...
Apparently the bees come out when the light comes on, he was wearing trackies and a flannelette shirt but must have been stung at least 10 times.
He now has a 3 hour drive ahead of him...and I am off to bed.  He has been stung, I haven't.
Did I say how glad I am that it is him out there working and not me?  Poor bugger. 

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