Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Buy Veg Challenge. October

We have successfully passed through October without buying any vegetabels so that leaves us only 2 months to go before the end of the year and the end of the challenge.

We had plenty to eat even though I have too many bare patches out there and so much stuff either didn't grow or did grow but got eaten before it was ready for us.

We didn't get as many peas as other years, they are something that I need to work on as I really like fresh peas.  I won't worry about growing Broad Beans again.  Not sure why I bothered as we don't eat them and just use them as a *giveaway* crop.  I think I grow them because they are easy and look impressive when in flower and fruiting.  But no more.

Our cucumbers aren't doing much.  They don't seem to be growing as quickly as last seasons but this is my third lot of seeds so maybe it just seems like they are taking for ever.  Slaters ate the other two lots of seeds that I put in.    We need the cukes though as Hubby likes them in his summer salads.  I still have enough jars of Bread and Butter Pickles from last seasons crop but some fresh ones will be nice too.

We're getting plenty of Strawberries and Pepinos and the Grapevines have fruit on them but are still a while away from being ready.  There are still Oranges out there too.  I'm thinking about if it would be possible to to do a No Buy Fruit year.  I kinda think it would be easy enough as I am only buying Bananas anyway.  I do like Bananas though and we have no plants that look like they will fruit any time soon.  We got quite a few bunches last year but I can't see any out there yet. 

I need to get heaps more lettuce growing and am working on getting a tank garden cleared out and free of slaters, then manured and mulched.  We still have some growing but with the warmer weather most of the hearting ones have started to bolt.  I cannot gow hearting lettuce during the warm weather.

I think there is enough food out there so we won't starve over the next couple of months but I could be doing better and there are lots of things I need to work on if I plan on doing the same challenge next year.

Does anyone want to join me in 2011?  We need to get stuff in now if we're going to try it again.


  1. I'm in Barb!
    I'm in SWS country NSW so have a very different climate to you.
    I will still be buying potatoes & my fruit trees have only been in for 12 months.
    But am still keen to give it another go next year.

  2. PS
    Also the 3 sultana grape cuttings I took in Sept seem to be ok, they are just sprouting new leaves.
    Fingers crossed they keep going & I wouldn't have tried except I read of your efforts & thought to give it a go!