Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chicken Preparations.

I spent today making small pens around the nests that some of the clucky Mixed Breed chooks were sitting in.  I had no idea how many eggs they were on and the other chooks kept getting in and laying so something had to be done.
All up there were 4 cluckies.
**One was sitting in the big cage on old eggs,  I had left these here hoping someone would claim them and go clucky and it worked.  She is now sitting on 8 AussieRock eggs and the gate shut so no-one can get in with her.
** One chook was on a nest that was popular with the other chooks so I put up some wire around her nest.  She was on quite a few eggs but is now on 6 AussieRocks.  I was a bit worried about this one as she was getting upset as I was putting up the wire and left the area.  That made it easy to swap the eggs over but I was a bit worried that she wouldn't come back.  I have been out and checked though and she was back on the nest so she is now fenced in and will be left alone by the others.
**I had 1 chook sitting on some eggs in the shed and she had been there for more than a week so I was going to just let her go.  Over the last 3 days I have noticed another chook sitting with her so I set up one of the other small pens and put some AussieRock eggs in there and then got the son to lift her and put her on the new nest.  I blocked her in with a board but she settled down really well and seems happy to have her own eggs.
** The chook that was in the shed has been penned off but left on the eggs that she had.   I think that those eggs would be a bit too far along for me to take them away from her.  Unfortunately they are Mixed Breed eggs but that's OK.

All up I have 3 chooks on 20 AussieRock eggs so it looks like I could soon have my new flock up and going.

I need to wait 3 weeks to see what hatches but fingers crossed the success rate will be high.  I will post about the hatchings in 3 weeks time.

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