Friday, October 8, 2010

Really Really Free Markets. Waroona.

I wrote about going up to Perth to the Really Really Free Markets and guess what?  Look what someone sent me.  And it's in my town.  How cool is that?

Basic info:
1pm-4pm Saturday 16th October
Centennial Park, Southwestern Highway (at the south end of town)

Their website is:

I plan on going down for a bit and will take some stuff down with me.
If you are within driving distance why not come down as well.  Bring some stuff you want to get rid of and maybe pick something up.
Waroona is 20 minutes drive south of Pinjarra.
Bring a picnic, this park has toilets and a playground, shady areas to sit and meet up with friends. 
You could get to meet me!!  Now come know that would be the coolest thing since sliced bread...
Or not. lol.


  1. Dammit! The universe is conspiring against me!

    I'll be in Ballarat next weekend, and considering we are driving over and back (as the cheapest option for 4 people), driving to Waroona wouldn't have been an issue.

    Some-time soon, it will have to come together on do-able dates (hopefully the train-trip).

  2. Hi Barb , we are going to the airport to see our friends off, Who are going back to Sydney at 1:30pm.I hope these free markets take off and will be every where soon ! would be great to off load things we don't want and get things we need . We are on the look out for stuff to help build our raised garden beds , we need old hoses ,poly pipe, star pickets and shade cloth for lining , maybe we should try and get there after the airport but we wouldn;t have our trailer ! not meant to be this time I guess !
    Sherrie :)

  3. What a shame for you both.
    Hopefully it will take off and there will be others every few months or so. I will post as I find out about them.
    Should post to the Frugals and FLYing groups as well...