Monday, October 25, 2010

Was Sick, Now Better.

After 4 days of some horribly *bug*  I woke up this morning feeling halfway human.
No idea what was wrong but I was so sick.  I think the blood issues make me get sicker more often and much more severely than I used to.  I have the symptoms of a cold still but the nausea, aching, dizziness, pounding head and everything else is gone. 
I know I picked it up from the kids that I look after, that's where all my *bugs* come from.

At one stage there I was even wanting to shift into a nice little unit with no garden and no chooks.

And I went 3, yes 3!! days without a coffee.

However, three days in bed doesn't get a lot done and the gardens are a mess.  They have had no watering, no bug control and it is showing.  The seedlings that were planted last weekend have died.  Seeds dried up so they are probably dead too.  The gardens are looking very sparse and the *No Buy Veg* challenge is looking pretty grim. 

Seedlings and lettuce, most plants really, need looking after and mine haven't had much of that this week. A lot of the lettuce have gone to seed and the new little ones aren't looking too good.  The peas are finished, the cabbages are all moth eaten,  They need to be pulled out but I haven't had the strength to even do that.  Watermelon seedling are *missing*  Bugs or slaters probably.

I am home today and between resting I need to get out there and get more stuff in the ground.  The grass could do with a mow and Hubby says he might be able to get to it in a couple of weeks time.  But for now, I will take it easy and only do what needs doing and come next weekend I will be up and out there in full force.

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