Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Buy Veg Challenge.

Another month finished and another month of not buying any vegetables. 
Nine months of eating what we grow and not going to the shop to buy any veg.
I think that's pretty cool.
Three months to go and the 'Don't Buy Veg In 2010" challenge is still looking doable despite the cows attempt at sabotage.

This month we've been eating assorted lettuce, carrots, asparagus, peas, capsicum, sweet potato, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli,  the occasional tomato, onion...
I still seem to pick and eat the same old stuff and there is stuff growing that we don't eat.  We have celery and broad beans but as I don't like them much I tend to use them  more for giveaways.
I lost the spinach under some nasturtiums...

We are still getting oranges, some strawberries, pepinos.   Lemons are falling from the tree and need to be picked up.

We have been eating beetroot and bread and butter pickle from last season.

I have a fridge full of eggs. 
Heaps of bananas that Son brought out as "pig food" but they didn't get them when they were here so they aren't going to get them when they're not!  Most will need to be put in the freezer.
More roosters need culling and we still have a couple of rooster meals in the freezer.

I have a fridge full of food and nothing to eat.  Well, nothing to just grab and snack on, it all need preparing in some way first.  'Cept the bananas...I might go have one of them.

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  1. Well done Barb, I'm looking forward to all our vegetable gardens and chicken coup all in operation then I'll be doing the same eating all our own fresh produce, I brought english spinach a few weeks ago and it smelled like diesel , My mum brought a capsicum and said the same thing ! I wonder what the heck they put on the vegetables and fruit we buy in the shops !We are getting the rest of our solar panels (24) installled on Wednesday. I'm hopping we will come out and visit the following Tuesday when son is back at school. You are welcome to come visit us any time :):)