Saturday, August 7, 2010

Planting Chokos.

It's a beautiful spring day here today, hard to believe that we still have a few weeks of winter left.

I have been out planting Chokos.  Our vine died down a while back but there are still dozens of fruit laying around the place, most of them have shooted and I have finally gotten around to planting some of them.

The vine that we have growing gives us heaps of fruit but it is in between two tank gardens and shades the back garden too much and Hubby wants it gone.  He has said that I can leave it there until I get more plants up and producing which is good of him as he hates Chokos.

So far I have planted 6 and plan to put in 6 more this afternoon.  If they all take off then I am unsure what we will do with all the fruit but if we don't eat it at least it will be free chookfood.   They probably wont all take off though.  I keep reading how easy they are to grow but over the years I have only had success with the one vine even though I have planted heaps.

Fingers crosses that a couple of these get growing and fruiting.

I have given heaps of the fruit away so other people can grow them too and I know more people that want some so after I have given more away I will put a sign up letting people know that I have some if they want to try and grow them.  I think the more choko plants growing then the better off the world will be.  Yep, I really do believe that...So... Save the world, grow a choko vine.

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