Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have finally transplanted the Blueberries and as it has been on my todo list for months I am very glad that it is done and out of the way.

The reason it has taken so long?  I am a S.A.  I umm and ahh about how to do something, spend hours reading up on how to do it, umm and ahhh some more and before I know it months have passed.

Yesterday I looked, again, at these poor looking plants and decided to *just do it*  So I roped Hubby into moving the 1/2 x 44gal drums into a suitable position (not the best or permanent spot, but it's suitable)  checked the ph, added some stuff to get it better suited to Blueberries, dug in some sawdust, added blood and bone, dug everything through then let it rest a bit.
We drove up the road a bit to collect some pine needles as I had read that they are good mulch for blueberries then called it a day.

Up bright and early this morning to get the plants into their new home, rode into town to vote then back here to get them mulched.  They already look heaps better and as it is raining they should settle in well.
I put strawberry plants around them as the drums are so big and the blueberry is so small.

All finished.  Fridge gardens in the background  .

Scraggly, but it has a few buds.

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