Saturday, August 21, 2010

Facts of Living Simply

One fact of trying to live a sustainable lifestyle involves culling sick and excess animals. A sad but true fact.

I want to grow our own food which we are mostly doing but as we eat meat someone has to do the culling.  Or killing.  This is Hubbys job as I just couldn't.  I mean, physically I could not kill and move a cow to hang or to cut up.  I could physically do a chook, I would maybe have the strength to do that.  Maybe with the gun, I cannot see myself chopping off a head or wringing the neck of a live chook.  I'd eat vegetables if I had to do that.

I think I could catch and cook a marron.  If I needed to.

BUT, last week we had a chook that developed a growth on the side of its face.  It was getting bigger and the chook was unwell.  It needed to be put out of it's misery.  Luckily Hubby was home and he did the deed but if he was away with work and it needed doing I'm pretty sure that I couldn't.  Or wouldn't.  I would have to call on the son or son in law to do it even though I think that that is unfair.

It should be my responsibility. 

The same thing goes when we need to cull some roosters.  I want a rooster so that we have a sustainable flock with the end result being homegrown chook to eat.  But Hubby has to kill and clean the excess roosters and hens.

We did a couple of roosters last week and I forced myself to stay around and help.  Not with the neck wringing or whatever he did but with the skinning and cleaning part.  It was horrible but I now know how to do it if I ever have to. 

There have been suggestions on my learning how to use the gun so that I can do the whole lot.  I don't know if I will ever be able to do that but do think I should learn how to *just in case*

It is something that I have been thinking a bit on recently but something that I keep pushing out of my head.

Do any of you cull your own animals and if so do you have any words of wisdom for me please?



  1. We cull our excess roosters and put them in the freezer. Hubby does the deed and I stay out the way...

    I was raised on a farm so to me it is just what you do. A part of living off the land.


  2. Hi Tania. Could you do it yourself though...if you had to?

    I don't think I could but I think I should be able to. I hope I am never put to the test. lol.

  3. No I don't think I could Barb. I would probably ring someone to do it for me if my husband wasn't here just so I didn't have to lol. Same with me, hope it doesn't happen...


  4. Hi Barb
    Having grown up on a farm I learned all about this when I was young, but I dont do the killing bit, every thing else no problems. But if I seroiusly had to I would. Yuk!!