Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heston's Feast

Heston's Feast  is a *cooking* show on at 8.30 on SBS, Thursday nights and is one of the few shows that I enjoy and watch.  he has a different theme each week.  Tonights was *Fairy Tales*
He cooked up a stuffed boars head...yumyumyum....Maybe we should try this next time we do a pig.
Or lets not but say we did.

This guy is amazing and nothing that he cooks up and serves to people is expected.

The big house from the Hansel and Gretal story that he made for the dessert was pretty cool.  I would eat that.
This house was all edible but big enough for a person to fit cool.

I think I'm clever when I make real lemon jelly...I have so much to learn...

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