Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pickings For Tea.

I have been out, in the rain, and picked some stuff to cook up and have with my patties.

I dug up a sweet potato, picked a cabbage, a handful of peas, 5 spears of asparagus, a couple of carrots and a red capsicum.  Grabbed a butternut pumpkin from the shed and now have it all on the stove.
Added some onions from the cupboard and a brocolli picked a couple of days ago.

I filled up a bread and butter plate with the veg, added 2 patties and  sat down and enjoyed a yummy, cheap, healthy meal.

 Unfortunately there aren't too many patties left.  I ate more than I should have throughout the day and the 3 year old grandaughter was out here and she had a couple.  At least they are better for us than the cake I made the other day.

I will cook up some more lentils tonight and make some more patties tomorrow.  Maybe some of those will make it to the freezer.  And I have enough vegetables left for the next couple of days.

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