Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Am A Big Fat Lazy Slob.

I wasn't going to write about this as it is such a bad thing that it will show you all what a discusting lazy thing I am...But what the heck, I don't really care and it is kinda funny that I have let things get so bad and not really noticed.

And Hubby says no-one is really honest when they write stuff on their blogs so this will show him that sometimes that could be a good thing. lol.

So here goes...This is what my house looked like this morning...

This is looking in from the front door and you can see that it is a small, one room living area.

We have a bathroom, toilet and 1 bedroom as well.  None of them are much better than this. 'Cept the loo, that is such a small room and it is cleaned most days so that room I am happy with.

This is looking in from the back door.

I have two benches, both are covered in *stuff*

The table is covered in *stuff* and the sink is covered in dirty dishes.

I am not sure why the *stuff* is where it is and not where it goes.  OK I do know...The cupboards where the *stuff* goes really need cleaning out as they have so much *stuff* already in them that this *stuff* doesn't fit without a bit of swearing and whinging that I have too much *stuff*

 Under all that crap is the table.  Who can use a table that is like that?  That is BAD.  I am BAD!  I mean, really...That's BAD!

The Bedroom.

  The bedroom is not as bad as it has been but that is because it was
properly tidied a few weeks ago.  Yes I know it should be done every day
but as you can see, I don't do things like that.
Anyway, 10 minutes will get it tidy and another 10 will get it vacuumed.
So it should be *company ready* by next week.

I will do a quick tidy-up in the bathroom but that will never look any good.  And yes,  I do know that a crappy bathroom looks better when it is clean and tidy.  And as I will never have a *proper* bathroom I really should make this one the best it can be.  Even putting the vacuum cleaner away and dirty clothes in the basket instead of the floor.  Blimey, they are just basics and wouldn't take 10 secs so I really don't know what is wrong with me.

So there you go.  I am a total SlackArse and it is shameful how we sometimes live.  There really is no excuse for it either.  This is not the way my mother brought me up and I'm pretty sure that none of my family live like this.  So why do I?  
I also know that I am not as stressed and therefore not in as much pain when the place is tidy.   If someone knocked on my door right now I wouldn't answer it.  Well, I would but I wouldn't feel good about asking anyone I know in.  Sometimes it's a good thing that I have no friends as no-one is likely to just drop in.  
Or maybe my messy house is the reason I have no friends...what came first...

So what can I do to change?  I am a member of "flying in wa" and I always get things tidy when I post to that group so I should look in there more often.
I actually posted on there this morning as I needed their help.  It is this email that got me motivated to make a start on the house.

By this afternoon the place will be tidy and I will be ready for anyone so if you are in the area...


  1. We all have times like this Barb. My housework is on the back burner as well at the moment (my choice). I keep looking and promising it some attention but don't get to it.

    Hey we all know that the only time we get visitors is when our houses are at their messiest. Happens that way in my house anyway.

    Have a great day,


  2. Hi Barb, join the club I often find myself thinking Oops! Where did the day go and what didn't I do in it????
    It is good for us to have a lazy day every now and then or even a couple in a row it all gets done in the end!!! I would rather have a home lived in than a house for show!!!

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for commenting.
    It is a lot better now but still not visitor ready.
    Dishes are done, I can see and use the table, The benches are more than half cleared. Floor has been swept of bigger bits. Coffee first then back into it.


  4. its coz your gardens get all the attention :-D

  5. I've had this post bookmarked because I wanted to take some pic's of my own mess so you could see you're not alone.

    I have to admit to myself that the photos are not going to happen.

    It is so easy to see what you haven't done in a day, and of course that just continues the vicious circle. Keep on remembering the things you DO get done each day, and chipping away at it it. That's real progress.

    (Yes, I'm talking to myself too)