Monday, August 30, 2010

Bloomin' Weather.

It's the end of August so still technically Winter but the fruit trees are busting into bud around here and I think it is all the beautiful spring days that we have been having.

Apple flowers.
Must remember to net before the parrots come.
It's early so we are hoping that they will still give us some fruit and not get all confused and lose it.

This apple tree is one of 4 out in the dam are but is the only one in bloom.  Two others have only recently been transplanted to this area and 1 is a seedling Granny Smith so we don't know if we will ever get anything from that.

The Apricot tree has flowers but no leaves and the seedling Peaches are starting to get leaves but no flowers.
I just hope that they all know what they are supposed to be doing and when because I have no idea.


  1. There is Spring weather here this week although I think there is more rain coming. But thats okay because I am getting stuck into my vegie garden tomorrow as it is forecast to be 24C. I hope to get my garden beds finished and some seedlings planted.


  2. Noticing all the trees in flower around the place, love it!!!!