Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lemon Spread...Taste Testing.

I wrote about how I used all lemon juice instead of water for my latest batch of LS so over the last few days I have been getting different family members to taste it. 

Husband. "Ummm, very lemony"
Son.  "Taste like lemons".
Daughter T.  "gasp gasp, splutter, splutter, where's the water".
Granddaughter J. 3 years old.  "Water, discusding"

So, results were not promising...but I like it, it is lemony, that's the point People!

Daughter L. might like it, she eats the lemons and drinks the juice straight. 

I eat it from the jar.  I do use a spoon, I'm not a total feral.

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