Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Really Nice Birthday.

Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday.  So nice of you all.
I had a great day
Daughters L and T and grandaughter J met me and 1 of the kids I care for for a picnic at a playground near a river.  The ducks wanted our food so we had to watch them but it was a nice day.
I think we should do it again some time as the kids had a great time riding their bikes along the paths.

The ducks had a friend but it is hard to see, you can hear it though...


  1. Ducks scare me. They are soooo aggressive. Hitchcock's THE BIRDS frightened me so badly that over 30 years later, I get uneasy when birds line up on a power line.

  2. Looks like a lovely spot, definitely do it again, just because you can :)

  3. You would not have liked these ones then Linda. Not aggressive but they did pinch some food from out of our hand.

    KJ, yes it is a lovely spot and is on the list for another day.