Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Here, There.

Well I haven't been around much and all I'm doing outside is the chooks and watering.  A sad little backyard here lately.  A sadder inside but that is nothing get that!

The reason is that I have been trying to get the van setup so that I can take it away somewhere but truth be known, I haven't been doing that much there either.  Hubby has and I have been *helping* but that means that I have been in the area, offering suggestions, standing around so as not to look like I am not doing anything.

There you go, another guilty little secret revealed...I am a *standarounder* not an actual *doer*

The van is looking good though. 

I am going to have a *campout* tonight, to see if I have what I need out there.

Next week I am going to get seriously back into the gardens again.  I really gotta do that.


  1. Life just sometimes gets in the way of stuff we want to do, happens to me all the time :)

  2. I am a really good cheerleader when a guy is working. Plus, I will hand him a hammer or other tool and give him a glass of iced tea.