Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late Night Visitor.

A couple of nights ago I was sitting in here minding my own business, but reading about everyone elses, when I heard a noise outside the window.  Now I was home alone so turned the monitor off so whoever/whatever it was wouldn't be able to see inside.   The noise is there again, I think someone/something has knocked the chookfood bucket as they/it was sneaking around...
I leave it dark inside but turn the front light on...gingerly pull the curtain back...and spy a bandicoot.
There was a bit of wheat left in the bucket and it had come out for a midnight 9 o'clock snack

 I turned the monitor back on, found the camera and took some first through the window but only got the flyscreen so I opened the front door.  It heard me and ran into the garden but soon came back and I managed to get a couple through the door.

If you click on the photos they should get bigger

 It was so cute...pointy little nose, short tail...We have sometimes seen one in the driveway and months ago Hubby saw one on this verandah.  It could be the same one and he might live here   The cat didn't seem too fussed, he came outside with me when I went to put the bucket up and didn't chase it as it ran into the garden.

I have Smokey, my clayton dog, here for a week so I dare say this little critter will stay away for awhile.


  1. Is it vicious like our cute little raccoons?

  2. I don't think they're vicious...unless you picked it up, then it would pobably scratch...
    They don't attack the chooks but do eat the Pepinos.