Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lunch In The City.

Sounds kinda posh don't it. (and there ends the illusion)

The idea is that I leave here tomorrow morning, drive the 40min over to Mandurah, catch the train to Perth and have lunch with some people that I have never met in person.

It will be an adventure.  My first solo train trip.  I only kinda tear up when I think about it but I am hoping I don't start crying on the train.  That would be the height of Sookylalaness.

I am looking forward to meeting these women as though I haven't met them in real life I kinda know a bit about them through the FLYing In WA Yahoo group.

So I am hoping that I can get a park at the train station, not sure what to do if it is full.  Maybe go have a look at the shops for a bit then come back and try again...So I will leave here earlyish in case I have to do that.

I have been told that there will be *nice people in uniform* if I need help working out how to buy the ticket I need.

It will be an adventure. 


  1. Catching a train can't be too hard. If you hang out in the parking lot for the train, you can probably snag a spot when someone leaves. Have fun. Exactly what is this group on Yahoo?

  2. What can I say...I'm a sooky scaredy cat. lol

    The group comes from Flylady. It's suposed to help us get ours homes tidy, 15minutes at a time. I'm a failure though! lol. FLYing in WA is a subgroup.
    Flylady.com probably if anyone wanted a look.