Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Present for being brave.

It's been a week since I was brave and took the train by myself.

It was good being able to do it but it was better that night when Hubby rang from work to ask how I went and to say that he was proud of me for doing something tha made me so worried.  Now he never does stuff like that so it was a very pleasant surprise.

A couple of days later when he was home he said he'd bought me a present because I had been so brave.  Isn't he a nice husband...

They're coming to get you...

                                    Being not so brave...afterall, they're not even real.  Scarey though...Laughing 1

I have been looking for a floating crocodile head to put in the dam for ages. 
He goes off to the shop for something and there they are...
Lovely man, he do have his moments.


  1. I never heard of a fake crocodile head for a pond. Do they move around so that they look like they are swimming? I wonder if this is an AU thing?

  2. They do float. We are going to put a light anchor on them as they keep moving into the corner.
    I love them too.