Saturday, March 5, 2011

All's Good.

I have been getting a bit depressed with the gardens.  A lot of stuff was dying off, chooks kept getting out and scratching up what I planted, I seemed to be forever watering and mulching and still things weren't doing too good...the grass kept growing, it was too hot out there...whinge, whinge, whinge.

Yesterday I picked a couple of cucumbers, chillies, pumpkins, capsicum and had a non whingey look and saw that there is still quite a bit of food growing...

I went in to check the chooks and ate a few fresh figs...went into a different pen and had an orange and an apple later on from a different pen again...So all is good and I am ready to get back into it again.

And we had yummy *Honey Rooster* for tea last night, all vegetables from the garden.

All is right in my world again.


  1. Are you going to tell us what was wrapped in the newspaper, or did I miss something. "Honey Rooster?"

    I am glad you found more food growing.

    It is time to start germinating seeds indoors here in the US.

  2. Sorry! lol.
    The Presents were from the girls for our anniversary and they were Hubby's favorite biscuits, chocolate for me, Box of chocolates for us and a cool reusable bag for me.

    Honey Rooster was what I called last nights tea. Just chook (rooster)and vegetables cooked in a honey sauce. No recipe though as I *don't do* recipes very often.

  3. Why is all the fruit in the animal pens? If it falls on the ground, the fruit in inedible. Of course, the animals must like the fallen fruit and the shade.

  4. Yep, the trees are in the chook pens as shade for them, they can eat the bugs that come around, they eat the fallen fruit, it's close enough to the house to keep an eye on to keep out the parrots...