Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chooks Make Mulch.

I have been mowing and that means that I need to rake out the chicken yards of the old clippings and put them on the gardens and put the fresh clippings in the pens for the chooks to do their work on.   
It's never just one easy job here.

But these poor deprived chooks...They have a huge area with fresh green grass but they need to hang around me and get in the way.  Like the old stuff is better than the fresh, still growing stuff.  Stupid chooks.  They come running and get in the way, peck at my shoes and fingers as I am trying to put the old stuff into the bags...

"Why go out there when she will bring it to us in here"
"Good, already chopped into little pieces for us."                                     

The chooks in this pen are Australorp-Plymouth Rock cross.  I call them AussieRocks.  Some are black some are more PR colour, some a a smokey colour.  I like them.

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