Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Solo Trainride.

It went well.  I really don't know what I was so worried about. 
I think I overthink things and imagine the bad things that could happen instead of concentrating on the good stuff that is more likely.
But now that I know I can do it I think I will do it more often. 
I could visit the musuem.  The Art Gallery. 
I could just sit and people watch, that's always fun.

I got to Mandurah Train Station just after 9am and as expected all the free parking was full so I went on to the pay and park section where there were a lot of spaces left.  Why is it that the carpark that you have to pay to use is further away than the free one?  Not right! 
So $2. for a ticket there and $9 for the train ticket doesn't make a too expensive day out.  Of course you could spend a lot by buying food and *stuff* but you could also have a cheap day out by just looking and doing free stuff.  This $9 ticket lets you use the ferry as well once you are there. 
On weekends you can get a Family Day Pass for the same price so it would be great for families to go up for the day. 
Take a picnic, ride the ferry across the river then back, train back to your car after a lovey day out...I might see if I can get some family interested...

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