Saturday, May 1, 2010

Remember Where It Is.

I had *emergency* money hidden in different places around the house but I was always forgetting exactly where it was hidden and so couldn't get to it when I needed it which kind of defeated the purpose. So I put most of it into a lockable cashbox and hid that out in the shed. And hid the key. This morning we needed some money and I can't remember where the key is. I know I will find it eventually but that doesn't help me now.

Luckily I had enough money put away for something else so we used that and will repay that when/if I find the key.

We tried wire and other small keys to open it but they didn't work.

My tip to you all is to REMEMBER. 
where you hide things.
to pay your bills on time.
to save for what you talked about buying.

Eventually Hubby found one that did work but how long before I lose that...I think I will get him to put that one somewhere safe.

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  1. Ahaha, I totally inherited that trait. Thanks very muchly. It does make life more adventuresome, doesn't it?