Monday, May 24, 2010

The * don't buy veg* Challenge.

We have a week left of May to go but I know I won't be buying any vegetable in that time so I can safely say that 5 months into our challenge we are doing good.  I am really pleased with that and I don't think that there is anything that we wanted and went without because I didn't have it growing.  We are still getting a few tomatoes as well so Hubby hasn't had to go without them yet.  He does sometimes balk at chokos being added to stuff but only when he sees me doing it. 

I am having trouble getting the cabbages to survive, most are getting eaten when small and I am pretty sure it is slaters doing the damage.  I go out and pick them off the stems and squish them but there are so many.  I use coke bottle collars around the seed/ seedling but I think the slaters are in the dirt so they just come up inside the collar and munch their way up the stem.  Bye bye seedling.  I have a few out there that will make it and have planted more seeds in different areas around the place so we should be OK...Otherwise...the chokos will have to do!

I know that we won't need to buy anything during June as well but July?  July may be a more meat month or at least a *very few greens* month.  There will be pumpkin and potatoes, sweet potatoes, capsicums, chokos, carrots, lettuce...Looks like we will still get our 5 serves a day just may lack some leafy green stuff.   Still good!

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