Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Need To Worry.

I was a bit worried about running out of vegetables during May and June and having to go buy some and thus really failing our challenge to not buy any veg during 2010.

However I have been outside and growing in the garden and ready to pick we have Eggplant, Chokos, Capsicum, Chillies, Sweet Potatoes, a few normal Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot, Onions.  Still getting a few tomatoes but I think they will be finsished by the end of this month.
We have Pumpkins and Garlic stored in the shed.
There are a few serves of Peas and Cauliflower in the freezer and plenty of Tomatoes.and Zucchini as well.  And heaps of mixed vege mush for soup/stock in there

I have a few Cabbage and Broccoli plants growing and more going in.  More carrots and Beetroot in.  Peas and Broadbeans are in.  If I can get through the winter then we will be fine but next year heaps more stuff will need to be planted, just to take away the worry and so we have heaps in times of needing lots at once.  Like the *onion saga*

So we won't be going without vegatables.  Defenately wont need to buy any for us and though meals may consist of the same stuff we aren't going to starve.

We are still getting enough fruit too and are picking Strawberries and the occasional Passionfruit.  We picked the last watermelon last week, there is still a bit of that left and soon the oranges will be ready.  Guavas are coming along we will have some ripe ones soon and the Pepino bushes have more fruit on them.  We have enough banana in the freezer to last the rest of the year and quite a supply of passionfruit and rockmelon in there as well so we won't *need* to buy anything but buying fruit is allowed if we want.  We just don't want to as homegrown is way nicer.  Even the frozen stuff.


  1. Hi Barb
    I've put my peas in as well but they are producing pods while only standing 5cm high.
    I know they are dwarf ones but this is ridiculous!
    Which variety did you plant?
    Cheers Nicole

  2. How do you keep the punkins? I kept mine in the shed, but apparently the rats enjoyed them very much, and left the seeds behind!

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for *commenting*
    I have sugar snap and normal peas in. Noticed this morning that a few are missing though and I'm blaming the slaters.

    As for the pumpkins, I have some in the shed but have thought I might hang them in an onion bag to try and keep the mice away. I *don't think* we have rats. Will need to see how it goes.