Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun Day Out.

Daughter rang me on Monday to say she was going over to the Fun Factory in Mandurah, did I want to go.  I didn't really as Monday is MY DAY and I like to spend it staying home and doing whatever I like, whenever I like.  But I gave in to her pleading, suggested asking the sister that had said she wanted to go as well a,s quickly changed.  We, well me so I'm presuming the others, had the best time.  Little J loved it amd it was how kids should be when in such a place, such a contrast to the last time I was there with different kids. 

The orange slide is still scarey.  It was scarey for every one of the 6 or more times I went down it.  And dangerous!  I cracked my head on the side once, that hurt.  And daughter L asked me if I said that rude word.  The one that starts with F.  I didn't think so but T. asked me the same thing when she was close by so maybe.  I tell ya, this is a seriously scarey slide.  It is not a quarter the size as the one down in Donnybrook but something about this one scares me.  Maybe it's the colour.  Maybe someone died in it.  Maybe I'm a total Sookylala.

Here I am at the top of the long slide and I'm not looking scared at all because this one is fun.

It's a cheap day out so long as you take your own water and don't buy their food. Entry fee was $8 for J who is nearly 3 and the 4 of us adults got in for free,  I bought a basket of hot chips to share that cost $5.00 but there were heaps in there so enough to keep  hunger pangs away until we left. 

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