Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oat Slice.

Wet and cool outside here today so I am inside with the fire going and not nuch bothered to do anything so I thought I'd make *the men* something to munch on.

You need to do this,                                                this,                                                then this.

Bung it in here for 20 min.

Plate up then present to judge for verdict.

                                                     Thumbs up.  Was there ever any doubt!

Oh, you want a recipe?   I don't really *do* recipes but try this?

I call this *Oat Slice* but it may have started out as something else.

1cup oats.  Mine usually have other stuff added to them. 
1cup mixed fruit.  Was sultanas but I have 3 year old MF that needs to be used up.
1/2cup SR Flour
1/2 cup sugar.  I used less and will use less again next time. Maybe 1/4cup next time.
1/2cup coconut.. 
150gm butter.  I used 100gm margerine.
1Tablespoon  honey.  I used 2 heaped Tb spoons of PowderBark honey.  Maybe that was why it was sweet.
Mix all dry stuff together.  Add to melted butter/honey mix.  Mix 'til all combined.  Press into slab tin and bake in oven 'til golden. 
I had it in a wood fire oven at 200 for around 20 min. 

Not sure where the original recipe came from but I know I changed that and am still changing it slightly each time.  Next time I may add wheatgerm with the oats, will use less sugar.    Once I added a muesli mix that I had made up.  Could use all the crumbs that you save from different cereals.
Add what you like, omit what you don't.

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