Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day.

My Chrissys started to flower last week and were in full bloom just in time for Mothers Day.  I really like these flowers but managed to kill quite a few plants when we moved out here so I *pinched* these from someones garden and now they are mine. Love em.

Tecknically I really did pinch them but I like to think that it was more a rescue mission.  They were tiny little half dead plants that I dug up, brought home, planted, sometimes watered and voila!  Lovely flowers for Mothers Day.

I would like to thank T for coming out yesterday with the cakes and pressies.  She is such a lovely and generous girl anf the only daughter that wished me a nice day.  I did get a casual "oh, happy mothers day" from the son as he was showing me some pig pictures so that probably counts?

I hope all the mothers reading this had a nice day yesterday and have one today and tomorrow as well.  Mums are special.  Every day.

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