Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Read And yellow And Pink And Blue

Purple and Orange and Green, I need to wear a rainbow, wear a rainbow, wear a rainbow soon.

We have a Rainbow themed birthday party coming up this Sat and today I need to get an outfit organised.  Something rainbowing...I have been on the hunt for rainbow colours over the last couple of weeks and now have a few things to work with but need to actually sit down and think about how to put something together.  If I slack off and don't do anything I do have some colour accessories to wear but I think making something too will add to the fun.

What would you wear to a rainbow themed party?  It must be cheap and easy to make.  I was going to take a photo and put it here so you could all see what I have to work with but both lots of camera batteries are flat so I must find the charger and get them recharged for the day.  I remember looking for this charger last week but couldn't find it so will need to have a proper look today.

The party is at a park an hour away from here so I also need to get a box packed up with everything we need to take.  Plates and cups, and cooking utensils...It's going to be a morning tea then sausage sizzle lunch but we are taking a salad plate as well as a few other dishes. 

I have the unorganised box of party gear here but will need to go through it and make sure we have everything we might need.  And I must not forget the gas stove and coffee making stuff as that will be expected by a few people there.  And I myself might want one while there so a separate box with tea, coffee, sugar, mugs will be needed....

I need to clear the market stuff out of the car so there is room for the party stuff to go in...

I will need to get a plan together on the food that I will be cooking and taking...

I need to turn this thing off and actually get up and start on things...

Coffee first then into it all.


  1. I think I would start with ROY G. BIV. Do you use this to memorize the rainbow colors in AU? Then, I would wear something that is each of the colors. I would go through all my clothing, jewelry, and ribbon and not spend a dime or sew anything. I have all the stuff below.

    R--red or dark pink shirt
    Y--new necklace and bracelet that are yellow
    G--ribbons wrapped around wrist and tied
    I--maybe blue jeans
    V--ribbons wrapped around my wrist and tied.

    Are you in charge of preparing and hauling everything???

    I hope you show us what you wear!

  2. I was thinking something similar to PP Above ...yes ROY-G-BIV
    so I was thinking red hat , orange scarf,yellow top,green belt or another scarf ,a blue scarf or belt maybe blue jeans and so on the same order as the rainbow..yes photos please to show us your outfit and off the day ..sounds like it will be a very colourful day indeed..
    maybe violet shoes...or add some violet clip on earrings.. have fun Barb...xxxx

    1. typo of the day ..not off the day ...saw it after I posted it ...:P

  3. Definitely pick up some Starburst jelly babies because you can eat the rainbow. :)

    I have a terrible flu right now and those were the only lollies I had in the house, and in the middle of the night last night I was eating purple which tastes so awesome, I just want to eat purple everything, forever.

    I might have been a little delirious at the time, and perhaps purple does not taste as great as I think it did. :)