Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Do I? Don't I? Do I? Don't I? Do I? Yes!!

Markets that is.  Our town markets were on on Sunday, I knew about them for weeks and were kinda gunna go...if it wasn't going to rain.  Or be too cold.  If I was organised.  If, if, if.   I have been a bit busier than usual but still have done a lot of time wasting, I could have been organised at least.  I couldn't control the weather but could have booked an indoor stall.    Could have, should have, didn't.

Saturday we planted more trees and I was like, Should I?  Husband just says "do what you want"  That wasn't much help as I didn't know what I wanted.  I kinda thought I wanted a stall if only to support the local markets like I tell people they should...In the end it was OK, I will.  But was pretty sore and tired after Friday and Saturday tree planting jobs and I didn't know where our market signs were, I couldn't find the cloths we cover the tables with...Did I even know where the float from the last one was...It was all too hard and at 9pm Sat night decided that NO, I wouldn't bother as I hadn't done anything to be ready.

I wake up at 6.30 Sunday morning and decide that seeing it was going to be a nice day weather wise then I would.  I would only take honey, fruit and fishfood so should be able to be ready in time.  These markets open to the public at 8am so I had plenty of time....No time for coffee or breakfast though as I needed to empty the car so I could put the tables in.

I jump out of bed and it isn't quite light yet so the dog that I am dog-sitting was still asleep so I go out the back door and sneak into the shed.  I knew if I woke him he would start barking and wanting to get out and as he is a bit of a nuisance sometimes I wanted him away from what I was doing.   I put the tables in the car.  Had to empty one of them first as I had been using it for something else, something that should have been finished and packed away a week ago HoHum... Get the tables in the car, where are the signs, go inside and print out a couple of signs...Where is the honey, Oops that's right, I needed to label some jars, get the labels, hunt around for some scissors to take and put them in the car.  I had excess Oranges and Mandarins but they were still on the trees so had to go inside and get some bags to put them in.  By this time the dog was awake and barking so I let him out.  The trees are in the chookpen and they're waking up too so come running out looking for food and trying to trip me over.  Again.   The stupid dog is carrying on trying to get the chooks, I think he would be a chook killing given half a chance so I stop what I am doing and lock him up again.  If he barks and wakes up the husband then so be it. I pick Lemons, Oranges and Mandies.  Put them in a box and grab some bags to put them in.  Get the fish food box down, at least I know where that one is.   So I have fishfood, honey, fruit...that will do as it's getting on and I still needed to get changed and get there to set up. 

By the time I do get there I have 15 min before official opening time, someone is in the spot we usually have but I set up in the sunshine, probably a better spot anyway as it turned out.  It is windy and cold but I manage to get the cloths on and the produce set out,  Stick the price signs onto the table and then start bagging up some fruit to sell.  I then cut out some labels and stick them on the jars that need them.  And start selling.      All the Mandarins went quite quickly, then the Oranges.  I could have sold twice the amount if I had of taken the time to pick more.  Sold enough honey to make it worthwhile and a few bags of the fishfood. 

All up it was worth going down, I made a bit of money, I supported the markets, talked to the woman next to me so helped out Vinnies too.

The woman next to me said they were moving so she had a clean-out, she had so much stuff.  She was saying that she didn't want to take any of it home so was hoping it would all sell.  I mentioned that Vinnies was across the road, I could get the key, if she really didn't want what she didn't sell then they would take it.  She seemed pleased with that and at the end of the markets I opened the doors and helped her unload a heap of stuff.   I spend most of yesterday sorting through it and putting it on our shelves so win win there.

All in all it was a successful day.  Cold though, I was going to grab a jumper but forgot so was thankful that I had a sunny spot.  It was still cold though.     I need to get organised and ready for the next one, yes I do.  Will I though.  Or won't I...


  1. I do love your indecision. And, you even talk about it...lol. Fish food? You make fish food? How? I am glad it all went well for you and Vinnies.

  2. you are so funny Barb your posts often give me a giggle or two..lol...