Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oranges and Lemons...And Bananas This Time.

We are still picking Oranges, Lemons and Mandarins.  This Orange was a part of this mornings breakfast.

And for morning rea I had 2 of our Bananas.  Had to have two as they aren't very big.  What they lack in size though they more than make up for in taste.  So sweet and bananaey.  Hmmm, if there is such a word I'm not sure how to spell it!  If you can't tell, our 2 are the ones in front.  The back ones were bought last week.

This is the first of 4 bunches that we have out there at the moment.  I cut this one down though as some of the fruit is starting to split and getting bugs in it.  The others are still a few weeks away from being ripe enough so we better get a move on with the banana eating.  I could freeze them but already have a few bags in there that are being complained about.    I think some of these will need to be added to that lot though.
 No fruit will need to be bought this month but in saying that I do have 1/2 a bought watermelon in the fridge, leftover from the party yesterday.  I can feel some flavoured Kefir coming on.

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  1. It seems you live a fantasy life with bananas, oranges, and lemons in the yard. I like to buy tiny bananas for taking to potluck dinners when lots of children will be there. I don't have to cook and kids love them. I dehydrate bananas. Of course, you need some sort of dehydrator. I have a two half-gallons from last year that I need to eat and then dehydrate more. Pretty picture.