Friday, August 8, 2014

Still Not Ready.

It's 10.00pm and I m only now nearly ready for the Rainbow party tomorrow.   I have the presents wrapped and in a bag ready to go and most of the food that I was responsible for is ready to be packed tomorrow.  I still need to find 6 or 7 mugs for the coffee drinkers and...oops, just remembered I haven't got the tea and coffee packed.  Off to do that now...Done. 
I also braved the dark and went out to the shed to get the camping mugs to take.   I had a torch but even though they give you light they also make shadows which make you  me jump.

I don't know why we I always leave everything to the last week, day, hour, minute...A lot of what I am doing tonight could have been done days ago, maybe not some of the food but the car should have been cleaned out before this afternoon.  The coffee and tea bag could have been packed, everything except the food could have should have wasn't done before tonight.   HoHum and it is now bed time.  Hopefully I wont sleep in 'cause there is still a bit to do and I want to be ready to leave here by 8 in the morning.  Might be another morning without coffee and I don't want that happening too often.

I have the batteries on charging so hopefully  used the right charger and they work tomorrow.  I think the camera is in the box of stuff to go...

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