Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back Results Are Back.

I finally got in to see the doctor about the results from the scan and x-rays that I was whinging about a while back.  I have been trying to get into the local office but couldn't 'til the end of this week but managed an appointment over in Pinjarra for this morning.   So after being $300 out of pocket and whinging about that I have something worth whinging about.  It took awhile but I knew eventually I'd have good cause. 

They now know what is wrong but *apparently* it is not fixable and will continue to get worse.  Keep taking the painkillers and the Anti-inflammatory tablets, don't lift anything, work on better posture,  don't do this, don't do that...See a physio if I want to, he may have some ideas on exercises that might help with controlling the pain and improving posture...

I am going to get Reiki done on a more regular basis, I've been told that meditation might help so will look into that a bit more.   I went to a session last week and will go again this week but the woman doing it is not qualified, it is just a get together of like minded people I think but there are people there that are really into it.  One in particular does other alternative healings so I will talk to her a bit more if she is there next time.

And yes, in amongst it all I will eat better, move more, do (when I can be bothered) all that we all should be doing to be healthy...Blah blah blah.  Because really, I've said it all before and saying it again now wont make it actually happen.  I know I should, I know it would help, I know I know I know...

I went shopping after the doctor, tried to lift a watermelon into the trolley.  Hmmm, that hurt.  Lifting the 10kilo bag of onions hurt.  Getting home and putting it all into a cart to make it easier to get to the front door was a good idea but pulling the cart hurt.     Emptying the catcher on the rode-on lawnmower hurt.  Getting the firewood tomorrow will hurt.   HoHum, I am going to have to sort something out soon.  OR!  And this is probably what I will do.  I could do nothing and whinge about the extra hurting to anyone silly enough to listen.  Hmmm again, not the best plan I've had today.  I will give it some thought and try and come up with one that might actually help.

While talking to the doctor I asked about the wobbliness and bumping into things that has been happening lately.  The fall I had last week hurt and though I ended up with a pretty impressive bruise it is not something that I'd want too many repeats of.  He said to keep a record and if I keep falling for no reason then he will send me off for more tests.  The bumping into things and not walking straight isn't new but does seem to be happening more often. 

I had a Reiki session last month, anything to help the back, and afterwards the woman said that my Ethereal/etheric  body was out of line with my physical body and to be careful as I might get dizzy and have trouble with balance.  She didn't know about the fall or the wobbling so it did make me think that there might be something in it.   It didn't help the back though she said I had some hotspots in my knees and feet.   I've always had dicky knees and my feet are not as good as they should be so she may know something.  I'm going to talk to some people about alternative ways to live a healthy life and see if I can understand more on why I wont look after myself better.  They say that the mind is a powerful thing and I think I need to use mine a bit more, the sooner the better too I think, before I fall apart completely and give up all together.

What alternative health practices do you follow?  Are they working for you?  Anything you'd like to try but haven't yet?   Any recommended reading material you can suggest? 


  1. As a fellow back pain sufferer all I can say is take it weasy. DON'T lift anything that hurts and sit / bend / stoop in the correct way. Being 'backless" as you get older is not something you want to encourage.

  2. I, too, use a wagon to get things to the house from the car. I have complained about my back for years. Now, I need surgery. I worry my being so wobbly on my feet could be MS, but I know the pain, weak core, weight, and inattention are all that is wrong. I cannot sit in anything without pain. Right now, I am scrunched down in my chair with feet on nice ottoman. Falling only destroys my knees. My weight is bad for the back and knees, but I gained weight because of the inability to walk or bend or lift without pain. sigh sigh

  3. The ether keeps swallowing my comments lately, so there are a few missing from your blog posts, but often it seems too big an effort to remember what I just wrote, so I don't re-post (sorry). It isn't only your blog, so it has been frustrating.

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling the best, but am not bothered by your "whinging" - I like the way you write. Most stores can help lift things into your trolley, and then your car once you've paid - we just have to care enough about our health to ask! (Hint, hint - back is more important than complete independence) Once you are home, hubby could possibly help with making a sling or block and tackle somewhere you can easily park, to help lift onto the trolley safely.

    One easy thing to check when suffering dizziness or falls is to make sure you are well hydrated. It can be so easily overlooked but makes a big difference to our brain functions, and is often a factor in falls as we age.

    Cathi (trying 3rd time, as anon)

  4. Thanks for your comments people, I appreciate them.

    Cathy, I hadn't heard that about hydration though it does make sense. I always drink a lot less during Winter than I like and that is something easily fixed.

    I've always had lower back problems but this is up the top around the neck area and in the spine, It's a nuisance but I probably whinge more than I should 'cause I know I am a lot better off than some of you. Backs can be bothersome. As can our knees. And our arms too. Yep, as we get older it is more important to look after ourselves properly. Maybe one day I will. But then, what will I have to whinge about. haha.

  5. Barb, this is not the least bit alternative, but since I have started (gentle) weight lifting at the gym, my back has gotten much stronger, and i don't get the aches and pains I once did..