Friday, August 29, 2014

I have A Drill.

So I was saying that I wanted/needed my own drill.  I wanted it to be powered by electricity and not battery.  It needed to gave a chuck-key, not be chuckless.   I wasn't fussed on colour but I didn't want to pay too much and too much for me would be more than $60.

I mentioned to husband about my wanting a drill and as luck would have it that same day the local hardware store had their catalogue delivered to us.  And...they had drills for sale.    Is that luck or some *thing* answering my call for a drill.

He had to go into town, said I should go as well and we could call in and have a look at these drills.  I did, we did...there was 1 on the shelf and after taking it out of the box, having a look and lifting it we put it away in its box again.   Then took it to the counter to pay.    It was pretty cheap at $39 but our hardware gives out points when you buy stuff and husband buys a lot so had points to use.  He used his points to buy my drill so it cost him $0.  That's right, I am now the owner of a decent looking drill that fits my requirements and it cost me nothing.  Cost him nothing too so we were both pleased with the *purchase*.

It weighs 2.4kg which is slightly too heavy for me but most days it will be OK to use.  It comes with a box of 57 assorted drill bits and a handle to make holding it safer and easier. 

This be it, still in it's box but in our house and not the shop.

I have yet to use it but that will happen  next week.   I don't know how good it will be but it will be better than good enough for what I use it for and anything it is not good enough for I couldn't do anyway. 

I've told the husband not to worry, there will still be jobs that I need him and his big tools for.


  1. Awesome. Let us know how the handle works out for you. That might be just what I need!

  2. "I've told the husband not to worry, there will still be jobs that I need him and his big tools for."

    wink wink nudge nudge