Friday, January 27, 2012

Wee Wipes Revolution

Ailsa over at Living The Dream  has a post about getting more people to try and use cloth instead of paper...

I use reusable cloth products.  I think paper towel for kitchen spills and paper plates are evil.  There are paper products that are kinda, sometimes, maybe,  useful items...but they too can be replaced with cloth.

I am a WWW (Wee Wipes Woman)  I have been for nearly 5 years.  In real life I know a couple of others that are the same and through the powers of the internet know of hundreds more.  There are thousands of us out there quietly doing our thing to save the world without anyone else knowing that we do so.  But now we are standing proud and asking our readers to help spread the word.  Please.

I am asking you to please try and use a cloth wipe instead of toilet paper after you have been to the loo.  In the spirit of not too much all at once I am suggesting that you only use the WW (wee wipe) as the name suggests.  After you have done a wee.  Urinated, pee'ed. whatever you call it.  I know the name WW puts some people off, I know a WWW that calls them cloth.  That's OK.  You too can use a cloth wipe after urination if it helps you feel better about the situation.

Some women started using cloth as a money saving exercise.  Some to save the world.  Some because it was very hard to find unscented TP and the chemicals in them made her itch like crazy.  Yep, like crazy!!

Now there are some that like to overthink the thought and it all becomes too hard for them to even start to give it a go.  It's not hard.  You get some absorbent material, old towel, flannel, washcloth, shirt, whatever soaks up liquid.  Cut, or rip, into manageable size pieces, TP size?   Slightly bigger if you are folding it over.  Or scrunching it up.  Whatever works for you.  Try different sizes until you come up with what works for you then make yourself enough to last 'til wash day.

While you are at it make yourself some cloth kitchen towels as well.  They can be a different colour if you are fussy and worried about getting them mixed up with your WW.

Now you find a nice container that you can keep in your toilet/bathroom close to the toilet itself, for ease of reaching.  You can have a small bucket or another container in there too to put the used ones in or you can put them straight into the laundry basket or washing machine.  Again, do what works for you.  Different members of the family can have different colours, to make it all more fun and hygienic.  Can you imagine a basket filled with pretty coloured and funky patterned cloth in the corner of the toilet room.  Lovely!

Cloth wipes with matching drawstring bag.

They don't need any special washing, throw them in with your normal wash, wash as normal, hang outside to dry...Easy!  There is no extra washing, no extra work, you save money, you help save the world, you don't itch.  Why wouldn't you switch to cloth...Please give it a try then come back and leave a comment with your thoughts.

There are some that say they couldn't, that their husband, family, friends, wouldn't like it.  No-one will know unless you tell them or they are in the toilet with you and see what you are doing.  It is a private matter and nobody elses business.  If they find out and say something tell them that.  Just say, " look darl, I like using cloth, I will continue using cloth, so, jam it!"

Now, it is possible to use these cloth wipes for umm, errr...for after you have pooped.  Lots of people do.  I'm not suggesting you do that but why not, it's no different than using cloth nappies on your babies.  I know there are still people that do that.  ( I think more should but that's another revolution, still to come...)  For now all I'm asking is that you open your mind and try them as the name suggests... Wee Wipes, used instead of toilet paper after you have done a wee.

If you already do this and you have a blog why not try and get some of your readers on board too?  Let me know if you do please.

Up the wee wipes!!


  1. You may remember that I unashamedly use cloth all the time for pee and poo. I had about a dozen wash cloths that were getting too thin to wash my body. Folded twice, they work for pee and poo. The first week, I could not believe the itch relief I found. I did borrow a roll of tp from exbf when my son came for the day. Then, I asked exbf to remove it and take it home. Since I first started using wash cloths, I have bought used white ones from yard sales and thrift stores. When you go to a motel, you always get used washcloths in your room.

    I have done a blog post about the same thing--cloth tp.

    My reason for using cloth was to save a tree and to quit paying for a product to dispose of.

  2. I tried this. I use laundry soap plus oxy bleach in my wash. I got a UTI within a few days. End of experiment!