Friday, January 6, 2012

Challenge Thinking.

We've been talking about how we are going to do this and the more we talk the harder it seems...

We have decided that we will do 2 days sometime this month.
Now that should be easy enough.
We are still going to do a week sometime during the year but these will be like practice days.

Our rules:
*Salt and Pepper is allowed.  I don't use either but husband needs his salt, especially during Summer.  It helps prevent him cramping.
*We might allow ourselves 3 bought things, if they are already here.
Our 3 bought things...I think I want milk. Or coffee.  He wants ??? and a shared item might be flour.

And this is where it gets hard.  I like a coffee as soon as I get up.  Another one after breakfast, one after lunch and one before bed.   I drink my coffee with milk but can have it black.  It's OK that way just not my usual choice.  I can substitute tea made from stuff growing but it's really not the same...  I'm going to step up my looking for a coffee bush. 
Breakfast can be eggs.  Lunch, maybe salad or vegetables, an egg for protein...Fish and veg for tea...Or can we not eat fish because it wasn't grown here...husband says no fish.  OK, Marron for tea...Fruit for snacks...If there is any growing at the time...*If* we allow ourselves milk and flour we could have pikelets or fritters...

We are going to do it for 2 days during the week after next.  We have a week to get the rules down pat.  I will have to make cordial for him as he is not allowed his coke.   But can I use sugar to make the cordial...
My challenge, my rules.  So yes! Yes I can use sugar to make cordial so he doesn't need his coke!!!!!

I think I'm overthinking the whole thing and making a simple concept way too complicated.

Your challenge?   You decide. 
It might be as easy as only eating what you already have in your house, not going shopping for anything.
It might be only 1 meal coming from your yard.
It could be eating nothing processed.
Going without something you always have like chocolate...Or bought drinks.
For 2 days.   Come hard can it be...

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  1. I will leave off okra and rutabaga since I don't like them anyway! just kidding.

    Seriously, what is the goal of the challenge? I cannot figure that out. Is it for diet purposes? Eat local? From our yards? Save money? I guess I am dense!

    Different things would be eliminated for each of these aspects--diet, eat local, eat from yard, or to save money--of what I eat.

    "Allow three bought things" Do we have to grow the rest?