Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dog Drama.

We've had a bit of a drama here,  made more stressful because it was happening a couple of hours away...
I have a daughter living far far away.  She has a dog.  She loves that dog, he loves her.  I love that dog...he loves her...

On  Monday evening I get a call from daughter here in town saying that this dog was missing and had been for a couple of days.  A friend was going down the next morning to help look for him.  I heard that the dog chased after an emu on Saturday morning and didn't come back when called and daughter spend all that day and the next looking for him.  I can only imagine how upset she would have been. 

They have only lived in this house for 3, maybe 4 months. The dog knows the area around the house but not any great distance away. It is surrounded by bush

I am a member of a forum and they have a thread for psychic help.  We posted about this missing dog on it and one lady came on and said that the dog was alive and near water, maybe stuck somewhere.  They live very close to a river.  I get home from work on Tuesday and hear that she (psychic lady) has said that he is trapped near brambles or prickly bushes and getting quite weak.  There are blackberry bushes on the property...How this woman knew these things I have no idea but it had us very worried but at the same time gave us some hope but daughter that lives far far away has no Internet, no phone, no mobile coverage.  We couldn't contact her at all to tell her to check out these bushes so daughter from here says we should go down there now...I ring son, he agrees to go and help look too.  We drive down, getting there a lot later than we thought we would but they are still up and we all go down the back of the property, torches in hand and spend 3 hours searching for this dog.  Call an end to it not far off midnight saying we'll start looking again early in the morning.  Daughters go out early, calling and looking.  Come back after an hour or so.  No dog.   I go out a hour or so later and the dog is walking up to the gate.  He was as happy to see us as we were to see him.  He had been away since Saturday morning. 4 days and 4 nights.   He was wet but looked alright.  Skinnier, had sore paws but otherwise seemed OK.  He was asleep on his bed when me and the daughter from here left to come home.

I don't think he'll be running after any emus again any time soon.

An eerie thing...Daughters husband was down searching for the dog and early this morning went down the back to look some more and to, I don't know...commune with powers?
The dog shows up, this bloke starts up the hill...He comes back just after the dog gets back.
He says he was told to stop looking, go back to the house, what will be will be. And just afterwards a big Tiger snake went across his path.
He gets back to find the dog home.

I did not think this dog would be found, not alive anyway.  Chasing an emu?  Are you a stupid dog?  3 days lost in the bush?  Four days gone after running who knows how far in an area that he doesn't know....I honestly believe that it was the fact that all of us were there calling, looking, praying that got this dog home.  I believe that our combined *energy* led him home.

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